Adult Braces near

Adult Braces near me

Adult Braces near me: What’s the story?

‘Adult Braces near me’ Do you want to straighten upper and/or lower arches, using new technology combined with traditional techniques to apply gentle forces, thereby reducing treatment times and discomfort?

They’re also less visible because the wires are tooth-coloured and the brackets are clear rather than metal. They’re permanently fixed during treatment, so don’t need to be removed at night or when cleaning your teeth or eating.

Adult Braces Near ME

How ‘invisible’ are they?

Although they’re not quite as ‘invisible’ as Invisalign® ‘Invisible Braces’ , they are far less visible than traditional metal ‘train track’ braces, as the wires are white rather than silver and the brackets are transparent rather than metal.

Can I straighten just one arch?

Yes, but sometimes this isn’t possible – a full assessment is needed to see if this would be safe and suitable in your case.

Will I need extractions?

Not always, but it very much depends on how crowded your teeth are to begin with. If required, there is an additional charge for extractions.

Is it safe?

Yes. However, like treatment with any fixed appliance, there’s a small degree of potential risk. Root resorption is the main risk – occasionally, the roots of the teeth may shorten very slightly (by about 1 mm), although this doesn’t tend to cause any long-term problems in an otherwise healthy mouth.

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Adult Braces Near Me

How long will treatment take?

Treatment times can vary from 6-12 months (with no extractions) to 12-18 months (if extractions are required). Your full cooperation will result in treatment being completed in the shortest possible time.

However, missed appointments, broken or damaged braces or failure to maintain good oral hygiene may prolong treatment, or even lead to the brace being removed early, leaving the treatment unfinished. At the end of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to hold your teeth in their new position and minimise the risk of relapse.

How much does it cost?

Please see our price list . required, there is an extra charge for extractions and/or a fixed bar retainer. Extra charges will also be incurred if you fail to look after your braces and the wires or brackets become bent or broken.

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